Oman for Photographers

Note: For customized photography tour in Oman, please check out my post ‘Photography tour in Oman

If you just moved to Oman or planning to move here and you are addicted to photography as well then chances are that you are looking for places where you could satisfy your appetite for photography.

The good news is, Oman is an ideal place for photographers. Whether you are interested in Landscapes, street, culture or portraits. You will find ample amount of photographic opportunities in here. The locals here are quite friendly and you will not find any difficulty while interacting with them provided you respect their traditions and cultural values. You don’t have to worry about any Law and order insecurities as well.

I have been working here for quite some time but I started photography a little more than a year ago. During my time here I happen to visit quite a few places and I do visit them regularly to keep my photo stream up and running. For long time ,I have been thinking about making a list of places that are good for photography tours.  After a lot of brainstorming I decided to categorize my list according to type of photography and write City names against it. That list will guide anyone who is new to Oman to plan their trip in advance. Off course if you have a good eye you can get any type of images anywhere but this list is just a quick start guide for photographers who are new to Oman.It is a work in progress and I hope a lot of my friends in Oman could correct me and guide me to make this list even better and more useful.

P.S This post contains mine as well as lot of other photographer’s images . All the images have copyrights to their respective owners. I have tried to give due credit to each one of them by linking back their respective business / Facebook pages. If you don’t want your image to be included here for any reason or want to change something about it,PM me or drop a comment and I will do the necessary.

Beaches / Corniches

Oman has some of the most stunning and breathtaking beaches in the world with its coastline stretches to more than  3000 km.They are known for their purity of sand,scenic nature and sturdy surrounding rocks.If you are into seascapes, there is no better place than Oman for you 🙂 I am listing just a few well-known beaches here.

  • Yiti (Muscat)
  • Jabal e Sifah beach (Muscat)
  • PDO beach (Muscat)
  • Al Bustan Beach (Muscat)
  • Qurum beach (Muscat)
  • Qurum Corniche (Muscat)
  • Mutrah Corniche (Muscat)
  • Al Mughsail Beach (Salalah)
  • Taqah Beach (Salalah)
  • Sawadi Beach (Barkha)
  • Ras ul Hadd (Sur)
  • Ras ul Jinz (Sur)
  • Sink Hole (Sur)
  • Duqm Beach (Duqm)


Mountains and Wadis(valleys)

After seasides and beaches , if there is one thing that definitely draws your attention are the beautiful Wadis (valleys) and majestic mountains in Oman. You will find these almost everywhere in Oman. Some of them are totally developed into tourist attractions while others remain quite untouched in their natural state.

  • Wadi Shab (Tiwi)
  • Wadi bani Khalid (Wadi bani Khalid)
  • Wadi Arbeieen
  • Jabal e Shams (Alhamra)
  • Jabal e Akhdar (Alhamra)
  • Wakan Village (Nakhal)
  • Wadi Darbat (Salalah)
  • Marneef Cave (Salalah)
  • Wadi Dayqah Dam (Dayqah)
  • Quryat Dam (Quryaat)


Oman has given special attention to preserve its ancient and traditional values when it comes to preserving its architecture. You will observe this vary principle while visiting various mosques , forts and markets. Along with its oriental nature , you will notice that they are against high rise buildings and that is one interesting thing that sets Omani architecture apart from other Gulf states and creates its own charm.

  • Nizwa Fort (Nizwa)
  • Bahla Fort (Bahla)
  • Nakhal Fort (Nakhal)
  • Jalali Fort (Muscat)
  • Sur hanging bridge (Sur)
  • Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque (Muscat)
  • Said bin Taimour Mosque (Muscat)
  • Al Ameen Mosque (Muscat)
  • Opera House (Muscat)

Old Souqs (Markets)

Being Traditionalist in practice, Oman is  rich in culture and heritage. It has a number of sites listed in UNESCO world Cultural and heritage sites including some of the oldest souqs (markets) which includes.

  • Mutrah Souq/market (Muscat)
  • Nizwa Souq (Nizwa)
  • Matrah Fish Market (Muscat)
  • Al Hafah Souq (Salalah)
  • Sohar Handicraft Souq (Sohar)
  • Al Rustaq souq (Rustaq)



So up till now we have been looking for natural beauty in beaches , mountains, wadis and all that architecture and cultural heritage .But if you are that exotic type of person who likes to get comfortable in big resorts, Oman has a lot to offer.Below are some of the best resorts in Oman.

  • Rotana Resort (Salalah)
  • Sifawy Boutique Hotel. (Muscat)
  • Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa. (Muscat)
  • Al Bustan Palace (Muscat)


No middle eastern country is completed without its Deserts and Oman has its fair share of Deserts too.You will find some of the exotic desert safari locations in these sand driven areas.Some of the major deserts are.

  • Wahiba Sands
  • Hema Desert


Famous Parks & Streets

  • Qurum Park (Muscat)
  • Riyam Park (Muscat)
  • Naseem Park (alAmraat)
  • Al Sahwa Park
  • Alkhawair Street(Muscat)
  • Al Amaraat Street (Amraat)
  • Sidaab Street (Mutrah)




I am thankful to following photographers at (Friday Shoot Out) FSO Muscat whose images I have used here along with mine with permission.

Krishnakumar Omanakuttan – krishnakumar photography
Prakash Wadhwani – Prakash’s Stolen Moments
Nilesh Potdar
Sunil S Rao – Prismphotos
Baiju Jose
Shiekh Mohammad Haris – SMH Photography
Benito Hermis – 500px
Guru Acharya – Guru Acharya Photography
Uwe Richter
Henz B Solih

If you have any correction or you went to some place in Oman and have amazing pics.Do send me your images and location name and I will accommodate it here.

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  1. Aminah Yunus says:

    Dear Sir…thank you for the infor…I am intending to come back to Oman soon and would like to get to know more on this photography association.
    I am not a professional Photographer but I did attend few courses while I was in Oman for the last 8 years, And I had taken pictures of beautiful Oman while I was there. As I wanted to improve more on my photography please advise me how can I contribute my knowledge of photography when I come back to Oman.
    Thanking you in advance.

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    1. imran zahid says:

      Hi Aminah,
      Thanks for stopping by. You can join FSOMuscat Facebook group (mentioned in credits). It has lot of PRO photographers who can improve your skills. They are also arranging photo walks regularly that will help you immensely.


  2. I feel you can do good in Journalism !

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    1. imran zahid says:

      Thanks a lot Reehan for stopping by again 🙂 . Your word of encouragement meant a lot to me.


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    Lovely Article. All the best.


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    Great Post. Happy New Year 2016.

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      thanks man

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  5. Sarina says:

    Interesting article and kick ass photographs. Definitely bookmarking this site for art purpose! Thank you. 🙂

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    1. imran zahid says:

      Thanks for stopping by Sarina 🙂 .


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