Photography Composition Essentials : Depth or Perspective

If your photograph engages a viewer more than 5 seconds, it means it has something for the viewer to look into. If we keep aside the story part and strictly look into the aesthetic aspects of a photograph, what composition rule or principle actually responsible for all that viewer’s attention? It is Depth or Perspective in a photograph.


Oman for Photographers

If you just moved to Oman or planning to move here and you are addicted to photography as well then chances are that you are looking for places where you could satisfy your appetite for photography.

The good news is, Oman is an ideal place for photographers. Whether you are interested in Landscapes, street, culture or portraits. You will find ample amount of photographic opportunities in here.

Why silhouettes are beautiful

I love silhouettes as much as I love shooting in black and white. They are unorthodox. They don’t have much definition but they contain much more drama. Whats actually amazing about silhouettes is that rather than major attention on subject , the actual center of attraction is background.This makes it more interesting and different. It definitely adds more shapes and form to your photograph.

The Power of Black and White photography

There are the reasons why we like black and white photographs. The photographs that tell story bound to have some specific characteristics that are best suited for monochrome treatment. Now here is the list of techniques that you can employ to create really stunning black and white photographs