Photography Composition Essentials: Negative Space


I am a big fan of composition articles on internet as I consider composition as one of the most important topic in photography. If there is only one thing that can create the biggest impact on your photography m then it is composition. It is the key to successful photographs. I do agree that lenses, camera bodies and other accessories do affect your photography to a certain level. But if you don’t want to spare a dime and still want to make huge difference than start concentrating on your compositions from now on.

In fact , it’s a good exercise and challenge for all of us who are suffering from GAS (Gadget addiction syndrome) is to stop looking for good and cheap deals for camera bodies and lenses and start giving more attention to our COMPOSITIONS. Just make a promise to yourself that for the next six months I will not buy any new equipment and just experiment with composition techniques to make my photographs stronger than before. After this , you will be amazed how much this will affect your photography in the long run.

So to start with myself, I am starting a series of posts on composition techniques of photography. I will try to write one post every week for each technique and attach some of my own photographs for samples. You guys can post your stuff in comments and I will add them here as well. Since I am a big fan of minimalism, I will start off with NEGATIVE SPACE.

Negative Space:

Negative space is actually a breathing space in photograph. It is a place where viewer’s eyes can rest after observing other details in photograph. It will actually calm down your eyes and ease your mind. It brings a sense of serenity to image. The viewer will feel more comfortable and can concentrate more on the subject rather than wondering around distractions. Check out some of my samples and observe the use of negative space in composition and do submit your so that I can attach them too for better understanding.

lone survivor by Imran Zahid
Yiti beach by Imran Zahid
15881167768_ee875a0d92_o (1)
Fishermen by Imran Zahid
Standing tall by Imran Zahid
Why so serious 🙂 by Imran Zahid

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