Oman for Photographers

If you just moved to Oman or planning to move here and you are addicted to photography as well then chances are that you are looking for places where you could satisfy your appetite for photography.

The good news is, Oman is an ideal place for photographers. Whether you are interested in Landscapes, street, culture or portraits. You will find ample amount of photographic opportunities in here.

What is Street Photography? A Rookie’s Guide to Developing (Photography) Street Cred

What is street photography? There are many ways to describe and explain street photography, but honestly, I hate definitions. I think they limit your vision. And vision is essential.

To me, street photography is just documenting human life. Period. Candid or with permission? I don’t care. Color or black and white? It doesn’t matter. Street photography is about capturing the essence of humanity.

10 Street photography project ideas to get you going

Being a street photographer is quite an exhaustive experience when you are not on top of your game. Even the seasoned professionals feel this way during their long and successful careers. The best way to cope up with that pressure is to narrow down your vision to only certain things.

That’s where photography projects come into play and this article is all about executing these project ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Up close and Personal – MACRO Photography Tips

Whether you accept it or not, we all love MACRO photographs. I mean, who doesn’t like an intensely detailed bug or a flower on a silky creamy background? The first thing that we do after getting our hands on DSLR for the first time is to go to our backyard and start taking flower pictures. But in reality , MACRO photography is much more difficult as it seems to be. I do normally landscape and street photography but recently I decided to give a try to MACRO and found it to be much more challenging technically as compared to any other type of photography.

Photography Composition Essentials : Depth or Perspective

If your photograph engages a viewer more than 5 seconds, it means it has something for the viewer to look into. If we keep aside the story part and strictly look into the aesthetic aspects of a photograph, what composition rule or principle actually responsible for all that viewer’s attention? It is Depth or Perspective in a photograph.

Why silhouettes are beautiful

I love silhouettes as much as I love shooting in black and white. They are unorthodox. They don’t have much definition but they contain much more drama. Whats actually amazing about silhouettes is that rather than major attention on subject , the actual center of attraction is background.This makes it more interesting and different. It definitely adds more shapes and form to your photograph.

The Power of Black and White photography

There are the reasons why we like black and white photographs. The photographs that tell story bound to have some specific characteristics that are best suited for monochrome treatment. Now here is the list of techniques that you can employ to create really stunning black and white photographs

Photography Composition Essentials: Negative Space

I am a big fan of composition articles on internet as I consider composition as one of the most important topic in photography. If there is only one thing that can create the biggest impact on your photography m then it is composition. It is the key to successful photographs. I do agree that lenses,…

A beginer workflow to STREET Photography

Street photography is one of the most feared and uncertain type of photography in which almost nothing is in your control and almost everything is based on luck. A lot of new photographers who like street photography because it’s classy/candid look and feel are very nervous because it demands too much time and luck. Also…

Sigma-17-50mm-f2.8 EX DC OS HSM Lens Review

Sigma-17-50mm f2.8 EX DC OS HSM lens is one of the most successful sigma general purpose lens for any crop sensor camera produced by sigma ever. I bought this lens 6 months ago and since then it is most widely used lens on my canon 600d. Its razor sharp . It has good Optical stabilization….