Photography Tour / Workshop in Muscat, Oman

I have been conducting photography workshops and photography tours in Oman for individuals and groups for quite some time. Whether you are coming to Oman and want to make the most out of your trip in terms of photography or you just want to see as many beautiful places in Oman in limited amount of time – I have a plan tailored made for your needs.


Up close and Personal – MACRO Photography Tips

Whether you accept it or not, we all love MACRO photographs. I mean, who doesn’t like an intensely detailed bug or a flower on a silky creamy background? The first thing that we do after getting our hands on DSLR for the first time is to go to our backyard and start taking flower pictures. But in reality , MACRO photography is much more difficult as it seems to be. I do normally landscape and street photography but recently I decided to give a try to MACRO and found it to be much more challenging technically as compared to any other type of photography.

The Power of Black and White photography

There are the reasons why we like black and white photographs. The photographs that tell story bound to have some specific characteristics that are best suited for monochrome treatment. Now here is the list of techniques that you can employ to create really stunning black and white photographs

Where to find photography gear/camera shops in Oman

Below is a brief list of places in no particular where you can buy or rent new or used photography equipment in Oman . The list contains all major camera shops that deals in major camera manufactures like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Sigma, Tokina, manfrotto and all other accessory manufacturers.

What Is black and white photography and How Does It Work?

Why some pictures look better in black and white as compared to their color counterparts? What few words comes to your mind immediately when you see a black and white photograph? Nostalgia, raw, emotions, etc. ? I shoot in both color and black and white but there is something peculiar about monochrome. Let’s discuss what…

Oman – Moments in Time ( Timelapse video )

Oman – Moments in Time is the time Lapse of Oman mainly Muscat region and its surrounding places. Background Music by Komiku – Action Epic. Oman is famous for its cultural heritage and architecture that is still intact in its most pure form in various cities. It has plenty of  catchy landmark that captures that…

Gems of Oman – Nizwa Fort/market

Oman is famous for its cultural heritage and architecture that is still intact in its most pure form in various cities. Nizwa is one of them. The famous Nizwa souq (market) and fort is the most eye catchy landmark that captures that attention of all the tourist who want to see the true culture of Oman in its purist form.

Gems of Oman – Muttrah Corniche

Near the most busy ports in Oman- Sultan Qaboos port lies Muttrah corniche – a true gem of Oman. If you want to experience traditional omani culture, there is no place better than Muttrah corniche. On one side, there is range of beautiful mountains and port while on the other it has Muttrah souq(market) and Fish harbor. The souq is the oldest souq in Oman and most sought after location for tourists to hang out.   

Gems of Oman – The Qantab Village

The Gems of Oman is a series which contains photo stories and videos about various worth photographing locations of Oman. Qantab beach and its near by fishermen village is just one of them. With a beautiful coastline,  gorgeous sunrise and friendly local people, Qantab is one of the most sought after locations if you are…

Real-World Review of the Pocketable Fujifilm x70

Fujifilm announced the x70 back in January, 2016 as their latest pro compact camera in the X-Series lineup. It is mainly geared towards serious enthusiasts and street photographers who travel a lot and want a powerful camera in the smallest package possible.

How A Single Camera and Lens Setup Can Improve Your Photography?

I used to be a victim of G.A.S. (gear addiction syndrome) for a long time. I used to save money month after month, hunt for different cameras, lenses and other equipment in the hope that it will improve my photography. But each new piece of gear increased my options and I just started to get bored with technicalities and making choices.

How Creative Constraints Can Improve Your Photos

We all crave for that one camera or lens that we think is the solution of all of our problems. The lens that creates that lovely bokeh we’re always looking for. The camera which is so small and sneaky that we can take any candid photograph without being noticed. The studio lights that completely transform our portraits.